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Outdoor wedding photography offers a timeless backdrop – not to mention it brings memories to life as you look at your gorgeous images for years to come. But you know what also makes a spectacular backdrop for your Pittsburgh wedding photos? Architecture!

Whether it’s an urban setting of brick or steel, or minimalist stone columns and gorgeous neutral colors, there are so many ways to turn any architectural setting into breathtaking wedding photos. One of the biggest questions when it comes to wedding photography is – what type of background should I use? Here are some simple tips to consider during the planning process, because it just might help you choose the wedding ceremony or reception venue!

Keep it clean and simple – There’s such an array of options when it comes to architecture and it all depends on personal preference, but some of the most beautiful wedding pictures are those with a clean and simple backdrop. For the venue, you need a space for the couple and simple white backyard garden benches as seating arrangements for the guests. This allows the couple to really stand out and become the focal point, but you still enjoy all of the colors and elements from the surroundings.

Lighting – Architecture itself is stunning, but natural lighting can have an even better affect on certain aspects of the image. Whether it’s using natural shadows to create a dramatic look or using soft, natural lighting to illuminate the couple against a darker background, your wedding photographer can work magic when it comes to manipulating light and textures.

Using architecture for depth – Steps and columns are two amazing aspects that add so much height or depth to a photo. Columns frame in the couple and saturate the area with light, allowing the eye to be drawn exactly where it needs to be – but the rest of the image is just as stunning too, thanks to the simple stone or natural surroundings. When you want something visual in wedding photography but you don’t want it to look too busy, using architecture to highlight some of the details is a simple and timeless way to go.

Pittsburgh architecture in wedding photography creates so many possibilities – but there’s another beautiful touch to consider. The architecture becomes a part of the memory for the couple – you’ll always be able to look at wedding photos and attach that special location as part of one of the best days of your life.

Need some ideas about Pittsburgh architecture and your wedding day? Contact me for some tried-and-true favorites!

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