Pittsburgh Wedding Photography – Should I Wear a Wedding Veil? – Pittsburgh Wedding Tips

Over the last few seasons, wedding veils have once again made a big impact in bridal fashion. Gorgeous, delicate styles are adding so much grace and glamour to the overall wedding look, but still, some brides are wondering if they should include this traditional element in their own wedding.

Like all things in fashion, what once was considered outdated is new again – but with a modern twist. Instead of ornate or voluminous veils, brides are opting for stunning and airy designs that complement every wedding style, whether you want a rustic look or something more contemporary. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding a wedding veil to your Pittsburgh bridal look:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity – There are only a few times in life that a veil is a customary part of the attire, so don’t miss out by forgoing this beautiful and traditional element. The delicate nature and soft, romantic style often completes the total look, transforming you into the most beautiful bride! If you’re not sure about wearing a veil, consider just adding it to the wedding ceremony so you can take pictures, then take it off for the reception and use a jeweled hair accent for that added special touch.

It creates the most beautiful pictures – There’s something so breathtaking about the way a delicate veil looks in pictures. It softens up every subject – whether it’s complementing your stunning wedding ring or adding a visual element to your wedding photography! With the slightest breeze or some wedding photography skill, your veil will add movement and texture to a wedding image to create a special and dramatic look.

Veils are timeless – Want to pass something down from your wedding to future generations? A wedding veil is an option that can easily be updated for any future style – especially if you’re choosing a delicate tulle or similar fabric with minimal accents. It’s much easier to preserve the veil and pass it on than other components of the bridal look. It’s also a one-size-fits-all accessory, which makes it even more special to the woman who wears it next down the aisle.

Veils are like the icing on the cake when it comes to the bridal look, and it adds such a gorgeous touch to your Pittsburgh wedding photography no matter what season it is. Want to see more ways in which to photograph a wedding veil? Contact me so we can chat!

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