Pittsburgh Wedding Photography – How to Create Gorgeous Wedding Photo Settings – Wedding Photography Tips

Your wedding photos capture some of the most precious details of your special day – but did you know there are some common mistakes that take place throughout the event that can have an impact on how your photos turn out?

There are a handful of secrets to consider as you work with your Pittsburgh wedding photographer to capture beautiful, flawless images – you’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating the wedding of your dreams, so it only makes sense to pay attention to the details so that photography is seamless and the photographer can create breathtaking images.

Avoid clutter – The bridal suite is often one of the first spots for you and your wedding photographer to meet for the day. This space is definitely full of energy and, of course, it’s where you and the rest the bridal party are preparing for the gorgeous wedding ahead! To create clutter-free photos as you get ready, consider designating a portion of the room or suite for shooting time – a space with beautiful lighting or architecture to serve as a backdrop.

This means your Pittsburgh wedding photographer can take beautiful pictures of you and the bridesmaids without worrying about capturing all of those unnecessary background shots full of half-empty water bottles or an assortment of makeup products.

Bright lights on the dance floor – The first dance is important to capture, but flashing or bright lights on the dance floor make it more difficult to capture stunning images of such an iconic moment. The best way to ensure perfect photos of the first dance, or dancing with the parents, is to turn off any special effects – leave those for the party and infuse energy into the space when all the guests hit the dance floor!

Refrain from using cell phones – We all love to capture everything on our cell phone and post it to social media, but more and more, wedding photographers have an increasingly difficult time capturing special moments throughout the ceremony and reception without the glow of cellphone screens – especially in romantic or ambient settings. One way to curtail this is to ask guests to refrain from using cell phones during the ceremony and capture pictures only after the party has gotten underway once the photographer leaves!

These are some of the most common wedding photo distractions – with a few easy tweaks, you can ensure that all of your Pittsburgh wedding pictures come out flawless. Need more advice on preparing for the big day? Let’s chat.

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