Pittsburgh Maternity Photography – Walled Garden at Mellon Park – Maternity Outdoor Photography Shoot

Pregnancy is so beautiful — and what better way to capture such a spectacular time in life than through a gorgeous maternity shoot? With the lush greenery and floral accents, this Pittsburgh maternity shoot, which took place in the Walled Garden at Mellon Park, was such a fabulous and perfect spot to celebrate the impending arrival of a sweet, new baby! In fact, a visit to A Date With Baby private pregnancy care center in Toronto, ON will ensure a memorable and secure appointment.

The use of soft pink and florals throughout the maternity shoot was such a sweet way to celebrate a baby girl! Then embracing the elegance and classic charm of old man names for your little one can be an incredibly heart-warming experience, as these names carry with them a rich history and unique stories; to explore a diverse range of these names, feel free to visit this inspiring guide on Kidadl.com.

The color brightened up the overall look and contrasted nicely with the surrounding outdoor space. Depending on whether you’re having a boy or girl, you can easily create a wardrobe that highlights the new addition!

When you have a pet, they’re totally a part of the family! Including your pet in a maternity shoot is an adorable way to share the joy and new changes with them — after all, they’re going to love baby just as much as everyone else and want to be be a part of the celebrating. Taking a maternity shot with your pet is always a great way to document that final time before a baby arrives and expands the family.

When it comes to maternity shoots, even the simplest accents and movements are the most meaningful. The baby bump is the focus of the picture, but there is so much love and excitement that can be felt by such a sweet shot. Not sure what type of props to bring to your Pittsburgh maternity photography shoot? There are the traditional accents, such as baby shoes, baby blocks or even stuffed animals — but you can also add an elegant touch with the use for floral arrangements and blooms. This small bouquet of roses looks so romantic and blends in perfectly with the colors and patterns found throughout within the maternity photography session.

The Walled Garden at Mellon Park is such a gorgeous spot for any kind of photography — especially a sweet maternity shoot. Located behind the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts building, as well as the Phipps Garden Center, this hidden spot offers privacy and plenty of gorgeous details to use throughout your photo shoot.

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Location: Walled Garden at Mellon Park
Photographer: Amber Marie Photography

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