Pittsburgh Engagement Photography – How to Feel Comfortable in Your Engagement Photos – Pittsburgh Photography Tips

You’re engaged! This fun and exciting time is one of the best experiences to have in life – which is why documenting it is so important. There are plenty of reasons why engagement photos are necessary. First, taking pictures helps create memories that last a lifetime and they’re so fun to look back on years and decades later. Another great reason to take Pittsburgh engagement photos is to use them throughout the planning process – whether it’s for an announcement in the local newspaper or for friends and family, used for the Save the Date cards or printed and displayed throughout various aspects of the reception décor.

As amazing as it is to take engagement photos, there’s usually one tiny issue that couples have – they’re really nervous to take pictures! For most people, getting in front of the camera isn’t something they do very often – especially taking such timeless shots as an engagement photo. There are plenty of tips to consider before heading out with your photographer on an engagement shoot, check them out here:

Don’t think so much – First and foremost, this is one of the most important tips. To create amazing engagement photos, you want to capture yourself in a natural and relaxed state – you can’t do that if you’re stressed out and nervous about every pose, movement or where to stand. Let the photographer handle that aspect of your photo shoot, after all, you hired a professional to help capture the best lighting and locations, so all you need to worry about is having fun and being in the moment.

Go with the flow – Don’t worry about making sure that you’re always just right for the camera. Interact with your partner just as you would if the camera wasn’t there – if your photographer wants you to look in a certain direction or hold a certain pose, they’ll tell you. Otherwise, have fun and carry on as usual; these moments are usually when the best pictures happen!

Surround yourself with familiar places – One of the best ways to get comfortable in your engagement photos is to pick a place you are familiar with and that makes you feel at ease. When you’re at your favorite garden, coffee shop or even at home, that relaxed state translates into amazing and natural images. There’s no rule that says you have to venture out to take your photos! If you want to stay at home and that’s where you feel best, schedule the shoot there.

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