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Wedding photographs are so special and beautiful – whether they’re in rich, vibrant color or you choose to pick a few of your favorite shots in black and white! Throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, there are plenty of aspects of your special day you’ll definitely want to capture in color, such as the beautiful floral arrangements and table settings – but when it comes to dramatic or emotional shots, then black and white photography might be a great option! Here are some tips to consider when deciding whether or not select images are better for black and white wedding photography:

Best Pictures for Black and White Photography

Any shots that are simple and clean are perfect for choosing in black and white – that intimate shot of you as newlyweds, a beautiful location shot with a special backdrop – these are things that really pop out when the image is void of any saturated color.

Pictures that highlight mood or special moments are also ideal for black and white photography! A first dance or first kiss are two great options, so be sure to ask your wedding photographer about getting those particular moments in black and white during the editing process.

Benefits of Black and White Photography

Aside from adding elegance to the wedding album, selecting a few images in black and white also has advantages – especially if you want to cover up skin imperfections that might take place throughout the day. For example, color photographs when makeup and hair is perfect is an ideal option, but at the end of the night and after too much dancing, a final shot edited in black and white allows the moment to come throughout without worrying about any imperfections that have popped up, such as flushed cheeks!

Depending how your wedding photographer shoots the wedding, selecting a few of the final shots in black and white can be done with a variety of editing programs – be sure to ask about additional editing rates to make sure you stay within your budget, but get the type of wedding photographs you want. Having an assortment of color and black and white images, as well as sepia tones, creates even more visual appeal to your wedding album and allows you capture more details throughout the day and accentuate them during the editing process.

Have you considered whether or not you want black and white photographs in your wedding album? Contact me so we can discuss someoptions!

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