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Pittsburgh is full of gorgeous outdoor spaces and greenery – perfect when you want a fabulous spot for your engagement photos! Whether you want something with a city backdrop, a garden feel or want an open space so you can personalize your photographs, Pittsburgh’s got you covered. Here are some of the top outdoors spots to take engagement photos in the city:

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

As a historic venue and a beautiful outdoor space, the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is a favorite for obvious reasons. Take your engagement pictures with a variety of backdrops, or head to some locations around the garden for more private and intimate Pittsburgh engagement photos – if you need some ideas, I’ve got plenty!

The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens has been in the Oakland neighborhood since 1893 – it’s iconic location and beautiful surroundings makes it perfect for those special engagement moments. Only a few minutes’ drive from downtown Pittsburgh, you can also arrange your photo shoot to include both an urban landscape from the city and a lovely outdoor one with greenery and flowers.

Schenley Park

In addition to the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in the Oakland neighborhood, there’s Schenley Park – a massive space with walking trails, activities and so many gorgeous spots for engagement pictures. If you want to include your pets on the engagement session, this is a perfect spot to do it!

Walking around the park, there are also some opportunities to get downtown Pittsburgh in the background, which is ideal when you want a little bit of variety in your engagement shoot.

Frick Park

Dramatic, moody and romantic – three words that describe some of the locations throughout Frick Park near Point Breeze. There are plenty of wooded trails throughout the park, in addition to cozy spots that are private and perfect for a romantic engagement session. Thanks to the wooded landscape, this area is spectacular during the fall and has so many unique textures and backdrops that will create such timeless and breathtaking pictures.

Mount Washington

If you’re taking most of your pictures in city location, but want a few outdoor park shots thrown in, Mount Washington is convenient and easy to access from the city! From walking trails to fun inclines, there is no shortage to the options if you take your engagement session to this popular Pittsburgh park.

Need more outdoor recommendations for your engagement shoot? Contact me so I can share some ideas!

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