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Katie and Jake prove just how gorgeous an urban engagement photo shoot is — the gritty, industrial look and graffiti adds such a visual element to the images in addition to this fun couple! From the start, these two were an absolute joy to be around and you can see it from their pictures just how comfortable they are with each other.

The way Jake constantly looked at Katie and the smile on their faces was simply adorable, and it made working on this Pittsburgh engagement shoot such a great experience. Catching them in their personal element, laughing and being laid back, gave plenty of opportunities to capture candid and vibrant pictures — perfect to complement some of the more romantic and editorial type photos that were taken on this urban engagement shoot.

The lighting throughout the day was amazing and really lent itself well to capturing some breathtaking images. In the darker settings of the brickwork and urban landscape, Katie and Jake’s light-colored garments really stood out without detracting from the unique beauty that surrounded them. They were still the focus of the engagement shoot, but everything blended wonderfully from the rich tones of the alleyways to the various colors of graffiti paint and greenery that sprouted up in the most unusual places.

Katie was a natural throughout the entire engagement shoot — her casual outfit looked chic and offered a nice contrast to the layout. Even from the photos, you can see just how great of a couple she and Jake is — they look so gorgeous together! The way Jake looks at her is so sweet.

These two prove that you can take Pittsburgh engagement photos just about anywhere in the city and they will turn out amazing. While there are so many beautiful spots with the city skyline and garden settings, heading into an area that’s more off the beaten path for engagement photos is definitely refreshing!

The natural lighting was such a blessing throughout — it really highlighted Katie and Jake, while also illuminating their surroundings. So many gorgeous visuals going on, but they still stand out — such an amazing spot!

After doing a part of the engagement shoot in the alleyway, Katie and Jake headed out to the streets in a new outfit for a second polished and chic option, while still looking classic and casual for the setting. Again, the urban landscape and city ambiance created so many beautiful colors and textures in the pictures, while still keeping the focus on this gorgeous couple.

Katie and Jake’s breathtaking urban Pittsburgh engagement shoot was so fun and creative — it was awesome from start to finish!

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