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Wedding are gorgeous any time of year, but there’s something extra special about a summer wedding! From the blissfully long days that turn into mild evenings, to the golden sunlight and lush greenery around, summer weddings are some of the most beautifully photographed. However, those amazing attributes of a summer season can also make it a little more difficult to capture the perfect Pittsburgh wedding photograph! Consider some of these summer wedding photography tips to ensure your ceremony and reception are captured wonderfully.

Ceremony Time

The golden hour – which ranges between 4 and 7 p.m. – is one of the best times of day to take romantic and flawless pictures. Sunlight still offers a natural, golden glow while cutting down on that harsh glare you find earlier in the day! Holding the ceremony or your summer wedding photographs to fall in this time frame means you’ll get some pretty spectacular shots from various vantage points throughout Pittsburgh.

Have a Beauty Kit

Summer is fabulous, but there are some things we could do without – humidity, extra hot temperatures and even the rouge thunderstorm! No matter what summer month you plan on getting married, be sure to have a beauty emergency kit on hand to help in a pinch. Things like skin blotting tissues will help reduce a shiny glow off the skin after the ceremony and even consider items like a hand-held fan to cool yourself off between photographs, especially if your dress makes things feel even warmer.

Be Open to Locations

When you hire a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, you’re getting so much more than a picture taken! The wedding photographer knows how to use all of the surroundings to an advantage – which means gorgeous, timeless images for your wedding album. Be open to a variety of backdrops for your wedding photos – a shaded garden area, beautiful architecture or even a city backdrop can be the perfect setting for summer wedding photos.

If the summer weather is more sweltering than you imagined (or there’s a heatwave that shows up uninvited the week of the wedding), consider taking some of your photos indoors. If your venue has plenty of light and windows, your wedding photographer can capture some magical shots inside as well as outside.

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