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Wedding photography is such a fun aspect of the entire day – especially when you have the opportunity to get pictures with some of your favorite people after the ceremony!

Every wedding is different, and every bridal party is different – from the energy of the bridesmaids and groomsmen to the relationships they have with the bride and groom, one of the most engaging parts of the day as a wedding photographer is getting everyone together for a unique mix of formal and candid shots.

Candid photos of the wedding party are natural and add an element of excitement into the bridal photo album. Though a good portion of the wedding photos are beautifully posed, it’s always fun to see the bridal party in their element having a good time and being goofy when they’re together – because let’s face it, that’s real life! One of the best ways to capture candid photographs is to have your wedding photographer simply be present immediately after the wedding ceremony, ready as you and the rest of the bridal party comes out of the Pittsburgh ceremony venue. As you get ready for the photographs with your bridesmaids or groomsmen, capturing shots of you laughing, adjusting your dress or touching up the makeup adds a beautifully personal touch to the experience.

Of course, there are those photographs that are slightly posed, but still have a candid element to them – such as groomsmen surrounding the groom laughing or being silly! These types of photos are the easiest to capture and don’t take up much time – when you get to see your photos, you’ll be glad that there are some candid shots to choose from to mix in with the more formal shots.

Formal wedding photographs take more time to capture, simply because there is more work that goes into making sure everything is perfect before snapping the image. When you hire a professional Pittsburgh wedding photographer, you’ll want to trust that he or she is finding the best light, beautiful backgrounds and making sure that everyone is ready for the pictures. Not sure what type of poses to do with your bridal party? Let the wedding photographer offer some ideas – even simple shots that include the details of the dress or highlight certain emotions are some of the most beautiful pictures to include from your special day.

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