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Summer weddings – so many beautiful colors and accents to choose from that match the warmth and ambiance of such a gorgeous season. At the start of wedding planning, everything could feel overwhelming at first. What colors to choose, do you go with a color combination or stick with a monochromatic theme throughout – the options are endless!

Depending on where you want to get married in Pittsburgh, your color options could also vary. Want to get married on one of the beautiful historic estates outside the city or do you prefer a Pittsburgh country club? Want a more modern feel or do you love a rustic chic vibe? Here are some of the top summer bridesmaid dress color trends that could help you narrow down the options for your upcoming Pittsburgh wedding:

Bright + Colorful

Summer is the perfect season to experiment with bright, vibrant colors. One of the most beautiful color combinations for a Pittsburgh wedding is vibrant teal and fuchsia – two colors that complement one another and look pretty in an urban or more country club setting. Combining a calming hue of teal or blue with splashes of vibrant pink will add a pop of color to any Pittsburgh wedding venue!

Icy Hues

There’s just something about summer that makes every color a perfect choice. If you don’t want to go with something bright or colorful, icy hues of blue and green (think mint or pistachio) are equally as beautiful and look stunning in your Pittsburgh wedding photographs – especially those shots that are outdoors or with a beautiful stone church in the backdrop. These refreshing colors look fabulous with table accent of gold or silver, adding that extra bit of elegance to any wedding reception.

Seasonal Inspiration

If you don’t have a favorite color palette and are open to options, one fun way to select summer bridesmaid dress colors (and the wedding palette) is to look to the season for inspiration! Think about lemons, watermelon, the ocean and sandy beaches – these colors are all gorgeous options when you aren’t sure which direction to go in. You can also look to the venue for ideas – lovely hints of green for an outdoor or garden wedding, or even pale yellow and cream for a downtown venue. The possibilities are all found around you!

If you’re planning your upcoming wedding, I’d love to be a part of it – send me an email so we can chat about your Pittsburgh wedding photography!

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