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There are so many reasons why booking an engagement shoot in Pittsburgh is the way to go –  one of the most beneficial is that you quickly find a photographer that you are comfortable around and it gives you the opportunity to use the images for any number of things. From the newspaper announcement to sending out invitations and save-the-date cards, engagement photographs are fun and capture such a sweet time in the relationship as you go through the wedding planning process!

Instead of just booking an engagement shoot for the purpose of having pictures for wedding stationery, why not use the opportunity to document the elation and happiness you feel just after getting engaged? Within the first month of your engagement, start searching for a Pittsburgh wedding photographer to capture the natural happiness of a new engagement, plus it’s such a sweet event to document that many couples wish they could have savored a little longer.

Booking your Pittsburgh wedding photographer is important – do it as early as you can! During busy wedding season, photographers book up quickly and you want to be able to have the first pick of photographers. Another reason to find your photographer early is to adhere to any of the necessary requirements or deadlines for submitting applications to the newspaper or any other wedding announcements. Depending on the publication, you might need to submit the photographs weeks ahead of it being announced.

Are you planning to do an engagement shoot within a month or two leading up to the wedding? Consider booking your hair and makeup consultation for the same day – this allows you to feel a little more done up for the engagement shoot and to see how your look will translate in the photographs. One bit of advice: leave a little time between the makeup consultation and the engagement shoot, just in case your look isn’t exactly what you want and need to make adjustments.

Finally, schedule your engagement shoot with enough time to see proofs if you’ll be using them during the wedding. This gives you an opportunity to find your favorite pictures and incorporate them into the programs without feeling pressed for time.

Need more engagement photo tip ideas? Send me an email so we can chat about your upcoming Pittsburgh wedding!

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