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When you envision your wedding photos, where do you picture them taking place? Do you want to stay at your ceremony or reception site, or perhaps there are some iconic and personal Pittsburgh landmarks and locations you want to incorporate into your wedding album?

The location you take your wedding photos is a personal choice and should reflect something about your special day and yourself! Love Pittsburgh? Head to a location that overlooks the city to get a fabulous backdrop of the city skyline in your pictures. Did you choose your reception or venue site mostly because it was a gorgeous location for wedding pictures? Use various locations around the venue to capture pretty and unique aspects that highlight your love for architecture or landscape!

When choosing a location for Pittsburgh wedding photos, keep these tips in mind:

Indoors or Outdoors?

Depending on the location and season, you can take a variety of pictures indoors or outdoors. This allows you to capture breathtaking details inside a church or cathedral or using natural light to filter in and highlight a romantic ambiance after you exchange vows.

Outdoor photography is also special and allows you to incorporate a variety of backdrops into an image. If having both indoor and outdoor wedding photography is important to you, discuss the details and logistics with your photographer before the big day – that way you can plan out a course of action as to where you’ll be capturing those special images.

Creating a Schedule

The timeline is very important when choosing the best Pittsburgh wedding photography locations. Chat with your photographer about how much time is included in the wedding day shoot – this will also include travel time or portrait time, so you’ll want to know what you’re working with before you start creating a list of places to take your wedding photos. If you’re close to downtown Pittsburgh and want a variety of shots, plan with your wedding photographer about how much time will be needed to ensure you get the assortment you want!

How many locations can we choose?

It’s up to you how many locations you want to visit – just keep in mind that traveling to many places is logistically more difficult and takes more time. One to two locations are often recommended, which might help you make a choice for a reception or ceremony venue!

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