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Pittsburgh is such a fabulous city – and the surrounding areas and country landscapes offer even more options to gorgeous brides looking for the perfect wedding venue. Venturing out beyond the city limits to more rural spaces allows brides to capture that perfect countryside ambiance for a rustic experience.

As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, shooting a countryside wedding has so many advantages – and they really show up in the pictures! From the breathtaking open spaces to the natural light, not to mention the country-chic vibe that comes from the venues on the property, there are endless options for your wedding album.

Choosing the perfect Pittsburgh wedding venue begins when you have an idea of what you’re looking for on the big day. Want something more intimate and cozy, or do you prefer something a bit more casual and open to give you that feeling of really being out in the rural landscape? Look for Pittsburgh countryside venues that offer a variety of backdrops for photography – a beauty country home or barn, surrounded by lush, open landscape that really speaks to the overall theme. Some countryside wedding venues also come with unique features – lakes and gardens in particular – which could add some influence on your decisions.

Unlike planning an urban wedding or something more in the city, the season of your wedding can have a dramatic effect on the look and lighting of your Pittsburgh wedding venue. Foliage, trees, even the grass and wildflowers vary from season to season – so you’ll definitely want to check the venue out in your preferred season to get an idea of what things will look like. A countryside wedding venue will look vastly different in fall than what it appears like in spring or summer. The lighting and time of day will also impact wedding photographs, so be sure to keep that in mind when choosing a venue or particular photo spot in the landscape.

Planning a wedding in the Pittsburgh countryside really gives you an opportunity to make an experience out of the wedding. Hosting the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception on various parts of the property will allow you to create different ambiances and allow you to spread the festivities out.

If you are planning a Pittsburgh countryside wedding or need help with vendors or venues, send me an email so we can chat!

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