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Carnegie Museum of Art

Located in Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood, the Carnegie Museum of Art is one gorgeous setting for a wedding reception. Dramatic lighting, beautiful architecture and spectacular location makes it perfect for Pittsburgh weddings all year long!

Founded in 1895 by the renowned Andrew Carnegie, the museum is home to a vast collection of film and contemporary art – this focus was very unique when it opened, giving it the distinction of being the very first museum in the country that housed a substantial collection of contemporary art. Today, it’s a gorgeous venue for Pittsburgh weddings and offers plenty of opportunities for wedding photographs, both indoors and outdoors.

Private events and weddings are permitted at the Carnegie Museum of Art. Depending on the size of the guest list, there are various rooms and foyers that accommodate a range of seats or standing room – whether you want to use one space for a cocktail hour, have a seated wedding ceremony or you prefer to use a space for the wedding reception.

For example, the Carnegie Music Hall Foyer is one of the largest spaces and includes accommodations for 600 seated guests throughout the main floor and balcony for the wedding ceremony, up to 800 guests for cocktails and up to 300 guests for the Pittsburgh wedding reception. Don’t need that much space? The Founder’s Room offers an intimate ambiance for a smaller guest list, while both the Carnegie Café and Hall of Sculpture offer plenty of room for mid-size events. Similar to the Carnegie Museum of Art, there are various other wedding halls spread all across the globe that you must know about if you intend to select a wedding hall that would enthrall all those invited with its class and glitz. Vogue Weddings, located in Melbourne, for instance, is one such example of class that will give your special day a whole different level.

If you need help planning an event at the Carnegie Museum of Art, coordinators are on hand to help you through the process. With the rental fee, all of the essentials are covered including the tables and chairs, coordinator, custodial services, as well as limited technical services – though your vendors should be able to handle most of that on their own.

When choosing a space like the Carnegie Museum of Art, it’s important to note that certain restrictions apply – for example, nothing should be hung on walls and all signage should be free-standing (which also helps save money). Linens are also provided in event packages and an exclusive caterer works with the event space.

This venue offers spectacular locations for wedding photography; however, some of the gallery locations may vary and should be worked out with a museum coordinator prior to the wedding.

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