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Whether you’re newly engaged or you’re in the active stages of planning your wedding, there’s no doubt that putting money aside in the budget for a Pittsburgh wedding photographer is essential. However, if you’ve never worked with a wedding photographer — or professional photographer in general — it might be hard to determine just how much of your budget to set aside, or what type of wedding photography packages you might want to have. Without adding too much pressure to your planning experience, your wedding will be a major life celebration and you want your lasting memories of it to turn out perfectly!

It’s important to get to know your wedding vendors so that you know exactly what’s included when you set up the details for your wedding — after you’ve selected the perfect Pittsburgh wedding photographer for your event, here’s how to go about choosing a wedding photography package that’s right for you.

Figure out what the wedding photography priorities — What type of images must you have when the wedding is all said and done? Is there a certain portrait you want with your loved ones, or do you have a specific backdrop in mind that is a must-have in your wedding album? Other couples might be more interested in having a gorgeous wedding album or the digital files. Understanding your wedding photography priorities will help you choose the perfect package for your special day.

Understand what’s included in the photography packages — For most wedding photographers, wedding packages are created for couples, in addition to some more standard packages. Don’t see something that fits all the boxes on your checklist? Ask! Depending on the request, wedding packages might have the option for being customized so that you get exactly what you want. Before signing any contract, make sure you know what package you are signing up for — any changes later on might not have the option of being accommodated, or could really affect your budget to account for additional pictures.

Be willing to change the budget to accommodate your Pittsburgh wedding photography — When first sitting down to create a budget, many couples set certain amounts for various vendors without really understanding what things might cost. While this is a great way to get a general idea as to what your wedding will cost, be willing to go back and make changes to the budget if you find that the wedding photography package you wants costs a little bit more than you anticipated. You might be willing to cut back on one aspect of the wedding to make sure that the one tangible product you have for decades after the wedding is exactly what you want!

wedding photography pittsburgh

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