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You’ve got the pre-wedding jitters, completely excited and nervous for the moment to come when you leave the bridal suite and head to the ceremony venue – but there’s something sweet to look forward to that gives you a moment of calm and reminds you of all the amazing memories that are yet to come: a handwritten note from your groom.

Couples are opting to hand write notes to each other before the wedding, which is read in the time leading up to meeting at the ceremony – super sweet and provides for a romantic and emotional moment to be captured by your wedding photographer! If you love this idea, but not sure what to say (or how to get your groom on board), consider these easy tips – after all, no matter what you write, as long as it comes from the heart, that’s what matters!

Open up and add in the details

One of the best ways to write a note to your groom before meeting at the ceremony is to be open and honest – obviously! This is a great time to tell your groom why you love him and what makes him your person.

Prepare yourself for writing

Want to make sure you don’t forget anything as you hand write your note? Make a list beforehand and include all the things you want to mention in your letter – this will help you stay focused and not leave anything out. Some things you can add are related to your future and how happy you are to share it with someone like your groom – and what that future looks like for the two of you.

Don’t wait for the last minute

Nothing says unromantic than waiting until the last minute to hastily write out a love note, right? Give yourself plenty of time to write your note with care – start thinking about what you want to include in the weeks leading up to writing it! One way to feel less pressure is by making notes on your phone or in a bridal journal about the things you want to say – that way when it’s time to sit down you don’t completely draw a blank. If you have found yourself delaying to write your note, you can take a little help from a professional service like handwrytten, with Customer retention as their main agenda, they can make you a beautiful love note.

Write in peace

When it’s time to sit down and write your letter, do it in peace and quiet! You don’t want to be distracted or stressed out when writing this special note to your future groom.

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