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Engagement photos are so fun to take – they document a romantic and carefree time in life and are the perfect solution to getting pictures for your save the dates, but if you’ve never had professional pictures taken it might feel a little overwhelming to get in front of a camera and pose or look ‘in love.’ What happens if your partner isn’t the kind of guy who likes to take posed pictures, or he feels a little awkward kissing you in front of a photographer or strangers, if you’re out in the city?

First and foremost, here’s a tip: the best engagement pictures are ones where you totally forget I am there and have fun with your future bride or groom. While it’s easier said than done, here are a few tips to helping you relax during an engagement shoot:

Find a Photographer You Connect With

You know those times you meet certain people and you immediately feel at ease with them? You quickly relax and act like yourself because the person you just met is friendly and knows how to cut any awkward vibes in a moment? When you find the perfect Pittsburgh engagement photographer, you should feel that way when you meet them for the first time! You’ll be spending a lot of time with your photographer between the engagement and the wedding, so being around someone you can relax with is super important.

Don’t Expect to Know Everything

When you arrive at your engagement shoot, don’t feel the pressure that you need to know where to put your hands or how to look at your partner. Just be yourself and let the photographer offer any direction when needed! For the most relaxed setting, simply engage with your partner – chat, laugh, act silly – do whatever you would do if the photographer wasn’t there. With those moments, your Pittsburgh engagement photographer will be cable to capture natural, relaxed photos.

Go Somewhere You Love

One of the best ways to feel super comfortable and relaxed is to choose a setting where you feel most at home with your partner – whether it’s your favorite neighborhood spot, stadium or even park location. Even if you don’t have a special place in mind, engagement photos can take place literally anywhere, even at home!

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