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If you’re the type of person who likes to prepare for an upcoming event and create a checklist, we’ve got some tips for you! An engagement shoot is such a fun and relaxed session – but if you don’t feel prepared or not sure what to do, it can make the experience more stressful than it needs to be.

Since capturing gorgeous engagement photos in the goal, here are five things you can do before your session that will help you feel confident, relaxed and ready to have a great time with your partner:

Bring Clothing Options

Can’t decide which outfits to wear on your engagement shoot? Bring them all. Once you’re at your location, it will be easier to see which look pairs best with the surroundings – just keep in mind that you’ll need some extra time between outfit changes! A change of clothing also helps in case there’s any change to the weather – you want to be comfortable and confident throughout the entire shoot.

Keep it Light

The best way to experience a Pittsburgh engagement shoot is to keep it fun and light the entire time. Don’t stress about having to pose or hold a smile – just be yourself and your engagement photographer will know which images to capture that look natural and beautiful.

Practice Some Poses

Is there a certain look or pose you want in your Pittsburgh engagement shoot? Try posing or practicing a bit at home with your partner before the engagement session – that way when it’s time to get the perfect shot, you already feel comfortable in that position! Anything that helps you feel less awkward on the day of the shoot will make pictures that much more magical.

Get Inspired

Before your engagement photo shoot, take some time to find inspiration through magazines or even Pinterest. You might find location ideas and pose concepts that really inspire you!

Talk with Your Partner

To ensure that you and your partner are within an ideal comfort level before the shoot, talk to each other – you both should be on the same page about what poses you want to do (or avoid) so that the experience and energy levels are positive throughout.

Want more tips on how to prepare for a Pittsburgh engagement shoot? Send me a message so we can chat!

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