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The day has finally arrived – it’s the morning of your wedding and you’re full of all the feels! From excitement to a bit of nervousness and anticipation, there’s so much going on around you on the morning of your wedding, feeling somewhat overwhelmed is to be expected, but it doesn’t have to go that way.

There are plenty of ways you can cut down on the stress of the morning as you prepare for your fabulous wedding – and create fun pictures for your wedding album in the process. When working with your Pittsburgh wedding photographer, capturing special details of your getting ready process is something you’ll appreciate. As the day goes by in a blur, you’ll be thankful you have pictures that document such a fun and exciting time in your life. Here are some easy tips for getting ready on your wedding morning:

Create a Timeline

The key to staying stress-free is creating a timeline that you can follow that will keep everything moving seamlessly. This is especially important if you’re planning a morning or early afternoon wedding! Create a timeline with your wedding planner so that you know how much time you have to get ready with hair and makeup, as well as taking pictures with your bridal party or a first look. The best way to do this is to start with the wedding ceremony time and work backwards – if you can manage, always pad the timeline just in case things go slightly long.

Relax with Your Bridesmaids

Whether that means enjoying a mimosa brunch (don’t go overboard on the drinks before your ceremony!) or getting a pampering massage with your favorite girls before getting ready, spend this time with them and just soak up the ambiance. One way to make things even more special for your bridesmaids is to give them customized robes or pajamas – a super comfy way to get hair and makeup done before getting dressed.

Remember to Eat

The last thing you want to experience during the ceremony is feeling shaky or lightheaded – which is why it’s so important to eat a little bit as you get ready! Look for nutritious, easy-to-eat items like sandwiches or wraps, which can be eaten as you get ready and give you plenty of protein and carbs so you can party all night long!

Want more tips on getting ready with your bridesmaids on the day of your wedding? Send me an email so we can chat!

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