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After you get engaged, you will undoubtedly get a ton of advice on when you ought to be booking your wedding vendors, and other bits of information from well-meaning relatives and friends. The conflicting advice you get can sometimes make your head spin! As it’ll come to photography for your wedding, how far ahead of time of the wedding day should you be booking your Pittsburgh wedding photographer?

Even though it may vary for different customs and locations, the average engagement is around fourteen months and the average engaged pair books their photographer nine months in advance of the wedding date. Engagements, of course, may be a lot longer or shorter, depending on the situation.

One good rule is that if the Pittsburgh wedding is less than one year away, you ought to be actively looking for a photographer as soon as possible. If the wedding is less than nine months away, it ought to be your main priority in your wedding preparation!

Why do you have to book the photographer so early?

Unlike some additional wedding vendors like tux rentals, florists, caterers, etc., photographers typically only book one wedding a day. Therefore, as the photographer arranges a popular date, the date is taken and will become unavailable for others. As you may imagine, wedding photographers who have more experience and better reputation are booked earlier than other photographers; therefore, if you have a preferred photographer, do not put it off!

Prime Dates

Prime dates for a wedding will vary by location, yet generally, Saturdays are the day of the week that is most popular to get married. The time of year also might make dates more desirable, with most preferring the fall and summer seasons to get hitched. Be certain to conduct some research on when the “busy season” is for photographers in your locality so you know which dates probably book up fastest.


The holidays, particularly the ones which are on a Friday or Monday, which afford folks an extended weekend are popular dates and quickly book up. You also should expect that these dates might come at a premium cost and be booked extremely early, for instance, New Year’s Eve.

Vanity Dates

Such dates have a series of numbers which are easy to remember, or catchy. For instance, if you want to marry on February 20, 2020, that’s a vanity date, and it might quickly get booked. According to Brides.com, there are some pretty popular days coming up in Fall 2018 to get married — which means these dates could fill up faster than usual!

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