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Once you have made the decision to propose, it is inevitable that you will be anxious and excited. After all, it is a time that you both are going to remember for the rest of your lives. With that said being said, do not allow your nerves to lead you to make one of the following common marriage proposal mistakes.

Asking Empty-Handed

In a survey performed with over 19,000 couples, “proposing without a ring” was ranked #1 as the top engagement faux pas. Certainly, your request for a lifetime commitment and declaration of love ought to be more important than whether or not you are bearing jewelry, yet you must understand that to most, an engagement will not seem 100% unless she has an engagement ring to show for it.

Jumping the Gun

Your girl has it all – beauty, brains, as well as a willingness to spend Sundays eating salt and vinegar chips in front of ESPN. Even though you are eager to seal the deal, relax until you are beyond the infatuation stage. You will not be truly prepared for a lifelong commitment until you have dealt with some actual relationship challenges, weathered each other’s every mood, and received unequivocal indications that she is equally prepared to commit. Proposing marriage too early might scare her off or may result in an awkward response.

Proposing in Front of Other People

Even though you might be so passionate about your (hopeful) bride you want to shout your marriage proposal for the whole world to hear, it is a lot more likely that she would prefer that you keep the Pittsburgh wedding engagement to a more intimate occasion. In the survey, the majority of women deemed “public marriage proposal” and “proposing marriage in front of family and friends” as the biggest mistake an aspiring fiance might make. She will not have the ability to savor that moment if she feels as if she is on stage. Once you have asked her for a wedding in Pittsburgh and she has accepted (hopefully), the two of you will want to linger inside your own small love bubble a little while — which is not going to happen if cousins, colleagues, or strangers are getting in your faces to shout their congratulatory responses. However, not all public places are off-limits, 58% stated that the location of your first date is the best place to make a proposal — don’t forget that having a Pittsburgh engagement photographer to discreetly capture the momentous occasion is a great way to remember the day. As with much of the wedding excitement, these occasions go by in a blur, so capturing photos is a great way to preserve the memory!

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