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Between dress fittings, venue visits, cake tastings and all of the joys of wedding planning, the minute details oftentimes get overlooked. Many of these details looks exceptional in a wedding album after your Pittsburgh wedding photographer captures them, but your guests are sure to appreciate all the special and personal touches you included in the big day! Here are some unique ways to add even more detail to your Pittsburgh wedding:

Information or Directional Signs

Signage that directs visitors towards the reception or ceremony sites, where they should sit or when to they should do something immensely help and ensure that guests do not become lost.

Advice Cards

The more you include your guests in Pittsburgh wedding proceedings, the more they will enjoy the wedding. Advice cards are a fun, charming activity for your guests and an additional fantastic wedding detail.

Guest Favors

All of us know that wedding planning is a laborious task; however, spending some creativity and time in favor of your guests will go a long way. Consider especially considerate or out-of-the-box ideas for gifts for guests.

Stylized Cake Table

If your wedding cake demands a special, separate spot, add a couple of supplemental items to decrease its loneliness.

Aisle Décor

Reception spaces and ceremony arches usually steal the emphasis on subtle décor areas such as aisles, yet that does not mean they ought to be ignored. Add lanterns, greenery, or potted plants in conjunction to your aisles and witness the refreshing difference they’re able to make.

Guest “Book”

With a guest book the possibilities are countless. Consider your personality as a couple and then explore the endless choices to document the presence of your guests on the wedding day. You may even wind up with fantastic décor details, as well!

Menu Cards

A stylish menu card looks good tucked inside place settings and beautifully photograph on a reception table. If you need even more advice on photographing place-settings, you can always ask your Pittsburgh wedding photographer for tips!

Exit Strategy

Make all guests ‘ooooo’ as you travel away with your hubby in a horse-drawn chariot, vintage or sports car with a new auto paint supply, or quirky set of wheels.

Kid’s Corner

Children are fantastic when they’re having a good time. Therefore, if they’re in attendance, arrange some fun and engaging activities for them.

Lights, camera, and action!

Whether with string lights, candles, or house light, you ought to brighten the venue space, whatever the festivity time. Plan accordingly, as well as research all available accommodations. Lights are a critical detail for any wedding in Pittsburgh!

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