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When you choose your wedding photographer in Pittsburgh you will want to have some knowledge about what to ask for and what to look for. Here are some tips that will help you find your next wedding photographer!

Before starting the interview process with potential wedding photography candidates, sit with your fiancé and discuss what’s important for the both of you. Think about whether you want white and blacks, color prints, or both. And then find out if candid snapshots are more favorable for you than portraits, or vice versa. Perhaps you want a mix of both.  All of it will lead to the style you will be searching for. There are three primary kinds of photography styles: fine art, traditional/classic, and photojournalism/documentary.

What do these mean? Let us break these styles down:

Photojournalism/Documentary: These wedding photographers in Pittsburgh usually work in black and white, as well as document the wedding day as it unfolds, in order to tell a story.

Traditional/Classic: They usually work in black and white and color and focus on the milestones of the big day and setting portraits up (focusing on things such as bouquet toss, cake cutting, the first dance, etc.).

Fine Art: They usually work in black and white. It’s more of an artistic approach and generates dramatic photographs of a certain style. This kind of photographer is great to have in addition to one that has a style that is similar to traditional/classic and photojournalism methods.

Check the portfolio

As you look at the style of a photographer, be certain that you note how many table/detail, portrait, as well as candid shots they have inside their portfolio. It’ll assist you in determining their approach and provide you an idea of how they have shot prior weddings.

Check the price

One other main element to selecting a wedding photographer is the price. Before you panic at the price, know that it is normal for the videography/photography to be around 10% of the wedding budget. However, with that being said, make sure that the wedding package which comes with the price is what you want. Ask several questions about whether it includes a photo album, film or digital proofs, as well as sufficient time to cover all of the things you wanted to be photographed.

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