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So, it is time to give consideration to your wedding flowers. You might’ve selected some colors and spoken with a florist about which flowers are going to be in season at that time. However, have you considered what you might add to the floral arrangement? Below we list some gorgeous non-floral items to have added to a wedding bouquet.


Breathtaking ribbon that matches the bouquet or cotton, frayed, blended ribbon may make for a romantic, beautiful touch.


If you are a lover of all things whimsical and colorful, you’ll adore a colorful wedding bouquet that has ribbons, pompoms, and a variety of amazing florals. For a floral alternative to pompoms, instead, choose cute billy buttons.


For an intriguing boho look, adding feathers to a bouquet is the ideal solution. You may pick peacock feathers or faux feathers.


You actually can buy mini pineapples for floral arrangements, which are ultra-cute yet also give off super tropical vibes.


Rather than wrapping the bouquet with ribbon, you might opt to do a macrame wrap for a whole different feeling.


Some folks choose an all-button bouquet, and others pick paper flowers that have button accents. Whichever you choose, they certainly are adorable!

Photo frame

Several brides are opting to carry a wedding bouquet that has a tiny photo frame charm attached to it, particularly as they wish someone would be with them that is not. It might be a family member or friend, or perhaps even a pet.

Pine cones

Along with a bohemian theme, we like the use of pine cones in wedding bouquets, and some brides like to even mix it up and use pine cones and feathers in their wedding bouquet, which also fits the bohemian theme.

Oftentimes, couples neglect to speak with their florist about the time they’d like their boutonnieres and bouquets to be delivered. If your Pittsburgh wedding photographer is snapping photos before your ceremony, it is recommended to have your personal flowers delivered very early. Do not forget to find out a game plan in order for your blooms to be in all of your formal Pittsburgh wedding shots. More importantly, be certain that you select flowers that will do well out of water and are going to look gorgeous the entire time.

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