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When you know you’re ready to get married, you know, right? Well, perhaps. While gut instincts are fine, here, we list 10 other things to ensure that you cover before either of you makes a commitment. After all, who wants to take any chances with the rest of their life?

  1. The difference between love, lust, and like. Only one of those is worthy of getting engaged.
  2. How each of you feel about faith. Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Mormon, Muslim, Wiccan, Scientologist, atheist, agnostic — it isn’t the belief system which matters but what it’ll mean to your life as a couple.
  3. Each other’s career objectives. What do you really want to get out of life — and how is it going to affect your relationship with one another? Knowing what both of you want to accomplish and supporting those visions is a crucial basis for any couple.
  4. The spending habits of each person. In addition to debt situations. Can’t forget savings plans or a Specialist Life Cover. Get all of it out on the table.
  5. Whether you have the need to have kids — and when. It’s vital to be on the same page in regard to your timeline for starting up a family, or if you want to have a family at all. However, you do not have to agree on how many children just yet. As a couple has their first child, they’ll have a better idea of how many kids they want,” Jaclyn Bronstein, New-York based mental health counselor, reported to The Knot.
  6. … And if both of you do want children, how do you want to parent them?
  7. Each other’s immediate family/siblings/parents. These may be your in-laws. Know what you’re getting yourself into.
  8. Your other half’s relationships with said family. Love-hate, hate, love — it is vital to know the dynamics that are at play.
  9. The other person’s past. It helped to shape who both of you are. You do not have to offer every detail; however, you ought to have a general idea of how you each got to this point.
  10. Any prior children and/or spouses. No one likes that surprise ex.


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