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As it’ll come to engagement session photography, one important thing is for me to speak with my clients ahead of time about the flow of a normal engagement shoot. I love to explain that if I offer a suggestion for a pose (alongside other suggestions that include groomsmen gifts), it is a starting point and does not need to be taken literally if they have their own ideas. In addition, I suggest that you check out a few recent engagement shoots before the session, to gain a better idea of what is in store for our session together.

Chat it up

First off, I think it is important that we get to know each other. I begin each shoot by keeping things fun and light by chatting with couples for a little while. Clients often will ask “What do we do?” at the start of the wedding photography shoots. I always say that if I am quiet on my end, you’re doing everything right. If there is a suggestion that I have, I always offer a suggestion, otherwise I simply want to observe things naturally unfolding to gain a sense of your level of comfort.

Be within your element

If I believe my clients seem uncomfortable, it is likely because they aren’t comfortable. It isn’t always the easiest job to “appear natural” in a busy Pittsburgh street with folks passing by, which is the reason why location is critical. Having the couple choose a space which means something to them and makes them feel comfortable is just as key as any pose they will strike.

Get direction

It is one thing to tell couples to “have a good time” on command; however, showing them sometimes is the most valuable direction to give. I also love to relate to couples by imagining what I would like to hear so I can place myself at ease in any situation.

Do not think too much

I cannot express how crucial improvisation is for Pittsburgh wedding photographs. If each pose is pre-planned or forced, the photographs may wind up appearing contrived. If you can, attempt to shut your brain off for a bit and live in the moment.

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