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Your boyfriend popped the question and you shouted “Yes!” You might’ve already said “absolutely” to a specific dress; however, there is still something you may be wondering about saying yes to – a wedding planner.

Wedding Planning: DIY or Hire a Professional?

As with the majority of things, there are upsides and downsides to each; therefore, you must consider what it is you actually want and then weigh it out.

If you require a bit of guidance, you have arrived at the right place. Keep on reading to figure out whether you ought to make room in your wedding budget for a wedding planner or take the wedding planning journey by yourself.

Wedding Planning: Do you really have the time?

First off – wedding planning for your wedding in Pittsburgh is very time consuming; it could almost be referred to as an extra full-time job. Hence, the need for a planning professional. Do you really have sufficient time to commit to all the moving parts? Wedding planning isn’t only about choosing cake frosting and linens.

If you do it on your own, you will be responsible for calling vendors, getting prices, overseeing set up, putting together a timeline, clean up, receiving deliveries, and much more. If you are up for that and have a good amount of free time, great. However, if you feel as if you will need to squeeze wedding planning for your Pittsburgh wedding into an already busy life, employing a pro planner may be your best bet.

If you employ a wedding planner, it’s still possible to help with the process of planning and even get other people involved. Family and friends may help you with your do-it-yourself projects, linen shopping, overall design, etc. Essentially, employing a pro frees you up to plan the really fun stuff!

What is Your Budget for Wedding Planning?

If money is a problem and you feel as if hiring a planner could break the bank, do a bit of research before making a decision to plan by yourself. There are several wedding planners available; therefore, finding one which fits your budget is actually doable.

One less thing to worry about is finding a Pittsburgh wedding photographer. Just stay on our page for more helpful tips and tricks and contact our photography service today.

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