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Luckily, we reside in a time of cell phones and all of us know there is an app for virtually anything, including finding a Pittsburgh wedding photography professional. So, if you’re experiencing a problem organizing your wedding day, we have put together a list of the top weddings apps that make the process run smoothly.


This free iOS app is fantastic if you have no idea what you are doing. Just enter the anticipated wedding date, and the app will create a schedule of suggested due dates and a checklist.

WeddingHappy has additional wonderful features, which include payment tracking, wedding day countdown, vendor management, and a spending summary. Its set-up is easy, and you do not require WiFi to use most of the app, meaning it’s possible to get your wedding planning accomplished on a plane ride or the subway.

Wedding Planner

One other one-stop shop for wedding planning, Wedding Planner features a countdown, checklist, guest list manager, budgeter, and options to explore venues, as well as contact vendors, like a wedding photography vendor. Also, it automatically syncs with all of your devices, so it’s possible to keep planning wherever you’re located. It is free for both Android and iOS.

Appy Couple

It might have a punny name; however, it is crucial for all things associated with your guests. Appy Couple is your one-stop-shop that manages the guest list, sends invitations, collects RSVPs, and shares the itinerary of your event. Guests may read your story, DM you with questions, book their travel, and share photographs with others after the wedding.

To begin, select one of their many designs to work as the e-stationary. The choices look as if they’re right out of a hip, cute Etsy shop. Therefore, you should have the ability to locate the ideal match for any wedding. The app is free for both Android and iOS.


Does registering for flatware, sheets, and china sound exhausting? The free app may assist you in getting what you actually want: cash!

Honeyfund is the contemporary method of letting your family and friends know you actually prefer money over other possessions. It’s possible to use the app to make a registry for your honeymoon. However, you also can stockpile cash for a down payment on a home, charitable donations, and much more.

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