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Over the last few years, engagement photographs have become popular among couples engaged to be married.

As a wedding photography professional, I think having engagement photographs before the wedding is as important as wedding day photographs themselves. Below we list some reasons why we advice getting engagement photos to our clients.

To help get comfy in front of the camera

Most folks are uncomfortable at the idea of having their photo captured by a pro photographer, particularly if they never have had pictures taken before. This uncomfortable and awkward feeling usually is reflected in the pictures. Engagement shoots may assist in eliminating this discomfort.

To assist them in getting to know the photographer

Besides helping customers get comfy in front of the camera, engagement shoots are also an excellent time to get familiar with the photographer. All photographers have a different style of photographing and directing people, and it’s an excellent chance for them to get familiar with your process. The majority of engagement shoots last one or two hours, and occasionally longer depending upon the couple and the photographer, and it’ll give both parties enough time to socialize, interact, and chat with one another. Also, this works on the other side, where the photographer additionally gets familiar with the couple. As photographers, we’re oftentimes looking to learn and understand the relationship dynamics of our clientele – how they’ll engage as a couple and what their comfort level is in front of a camera. That way it’ll help you understand how to get the best interactions and moments on the big day.

Documenting a relationship

Pittsburgh wedding photography captures one of the most critical moments of a couple’s life with each other. But oftentimes, the tension and stress of planning the ideal wedding, and the ideal day, gets in the way of recording authentic imagery of the relationship. Engagement shoots are an excellent chance to spotlight the real personality of a couple within a more natural and relaxed environment. One great tip for both the photographer and their clients is to select a location that’s comfortable and is a meaningful reflection of a client’s personality. It’ll add a personalized touch to the photographs and highlights them in a relaxed atmosphere– a reflection of their personality as a couple.

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