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When is the best time to take your engagement photos? Well, it all depends on when and how you have plans to use them. Here is a breakdown of photograph scheduling options—select whichever time works best for you:


The first day: Snap a photo of yourselves in order to commemorate the minute you become engaged—you already will both be naturally happily smiling!


First month: Book a shoot early on in the engagement if you have plans to submit an engagement announcement with a picture to the newspaper in your area. (Check the guidelines of your newspaper for specific poses or requirements for print quality, which are oftentimes listed upon the website of the paper.)


As you set the date of the wedding: Have a photograph snapped for the website of your wedding—most couples incorporate pictures of themselves into their design. If that sounds good to you and you are planning to send wedding participants a reminder, have photographs taken 8 – 10 months before your wedding, just in time to print then send your save-the-dates no later than 6 months before your wedding.


About 6 to 8 months before: It’s also possible to take engagement photos once you have booked your Pittsburgh wedding photographers or when you are narrowing down any final options (which ought to occur around 8 months before your wedding).


About 3 months before the wedding: If you have plans to submit a shot with the paper wedding announcement, verify their guidelines for any specifics and arrange a photo-taking session at least 3 months before your wedding. Larger papers request to receive wedding submissions up to 6 weeks before an event, and you will want to factor in 4 – 6 weeks before that time to verify proofs then make prints.


About 2 months before the wedding: Are you trying out some looks for your wedding day? Book makeup and hair trial sessions the same day as the engagement picture session to record a preview of your wedding day gorgeousness on film. Factor in a little time in between for damage control, just in case the beauty salon results are not as great as expected.


Up to a month before: Do you have plans to feature your smiling faces on your wedding favors or program? Arrange pictures with the wedding photography studio in plenty of time to verify proofs, choose your favorite photos and have everything printed.


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