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When you are engaged and hopping on the wedding planning train, all kinds of advice  begins to surround you. Here, we list 5 wedding planning tips to avoid.


Skimp out on Food

Past brides are going to try to let you know that no one eats the food; therefore, do not exceed with premium food packages which provide a choice of main courses and appetizers. However, the fact is, the food is among the main things wedding guests recall about the wedding. Therefore, if it is within the budget, try and ensure that there are multiple food options, and something even the choosiest of eaters will want to taste.

Improv Your Wedding Vows

Do NOT do this. Spend some quality time creating your vows and memorizing them, if possible. You will be so chocked up by emotion and nerves on your wedding day that you might not have the ability to speak from your heart off the cuff.

Wait for a Wedding Dress to Go on Sale

Do you believe the longer you wait to purchase a wedding dress the cheaper it’ll be? Do not wait for a coupon to come in the mail or any flash sales. The longer you put off buying your dress, the more expensive alterations might be if you have to have it in a rush. Plus, you will have the extra stress of waiting ‘til the last minute.

Randomize Seating Assignments

At first, it might sound like a great idea and it’ll save you a lot of hassle and time trying to discover where everybody should sit; however, on your wedding day, it may be very awkward if your Aunt Suzy is sitting close to your sorority sisters from college. You don’t want anyone frowning in your photos taken by a Pittsburgh wedding photography company.

Do-it-yourself as Much as Possible

You might think you will save a lot of money DIY’ing your entire wedding; however, you will begin noticing that you are spending much more time on arts and crafts. You may also wind up spending more than you ever imagined on the bits and pieces, completely counteracting paying somebody to help do the decorations for you. Also, it’s probably not a good idea to hire your uncle Henry to handle your photos. This is your special day. Obtain a professional wedding photography service.

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