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For brides looking to get married in 2019, the wedding preparation fun is just starting. Vendors and planners already are seeing a plethora of new trends sprouting up as they begin looking towards the coming year. Here are 7 trends certain to be hot for 2019.

Shades of Purple

I’m seeing a ton of purples from periwinkle to violet. The trend is prevalent in lighting options all throughout the space in floral and with designs.

Bringing Nature In

Vintage and rustic motifs also are going to see a dip as far as design is concerned. The concept of bringing the outside IN with a lot of customized greenery will replace using flowers in centerpieces. Emerald or Green, much like Champagne and Merlot, will be a coveted shade in 2019.

Video Mapping

In 2019, video mapping is going to be making its mark as it’s, at last, becoming more accessible to couples. With mapping by using projectors, you literally can transform a room in any way you like and play into the theme of your celebration. Couples are going to have the opportunity to pick from countless colors, design elements, and shading.

Photojournalistic Photography Style

As lovely as a posed wedding picture might be, you wouldn’t want that for your whole wedding photography collection. The same expression and smile in each photograph… starts to get dull! That’s why new Pittsburgh wedding photography trends are towards a more organic style of photography. Grooms and brides want to recall the day in all its glory. As a styled picture is still gorgeous, a candid photograph is able to say a lot more!


One big videography trend you’ll see in 2019 is the use of drones to record various viewpoints of the wedding day. If you’re looking to capture stunning footage and want to work with the best video production company near Austin, the capability of getting that consistent motion in the video now is easier because of such devices.

Mix and Match Groomsmen Attire

Our prediction is that menswear will take center stage down the wedding aisle, with more of a concentration on pops of color and tailored fits. Refined polka dots, floral prints, and checkered patterns are just a couple of styles increasingly sprouting up.

Unplugged Ceremonies

We expect an increasing amount of signage to pop up, which encourages participants to put their cell phones away and enjoy the moment. Of course, this will not be the case with the wedding reception, in which guests are going to be eagerly sharing the experience in real-time on their smart phones like those from Refurbished iPhone Melbourne.

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