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Here, we talk about wedding photography trends to be on the lookout for in 2019:

Professional Retouching is Expected

Award-winning wedding photographers rely upon professional retouching that enhance their photography. Real professional retouching ought to be invisible, just there to enhance an already amazing photo. I’ll retouch images with the aim of never having the ability to see the work that has been done. I love to soften lines, brighten images, and take away unwanted photo elements. If color correction and retouching is correctly done, your pictures will be of a timeless quality and beauty. Don’t fall prey to changing trends which will make the wedding images appear dated in the years to come. The wedding is an extremely special day that should be relived through gorgeous photography. Invest in the proper photographer and receive the artistic photos that you’ll want to repeatedly return to.

Women Photographers Now Leaders in the Industry

When I first started in weddings, the industry was mostly dominated by males. However, over the last decade, I have seen a shift in leadership to females. The aesthetics of weddings is highly understood by females and I believe that is why they’ve been so drawn to the wedding photography business. Now that the stigma of females in photography is almost nil, the vocational opportunities for females are endless. I see most women business owners like myself succeeding in the Pittsburg wedding photography industry.

Digital Photography Still on Top

Even though there still are Fine Art photographers who provide wedding photos shot with film. Most photographers all have switched to digital photography. The benefits are numerous, and quality is outstanding. Digital photography in the hands of an expert photographer will craft amazing results. With programs like Lightroom and Photoshop, photographers have more options and control than ever before. Digital photos are available instantly and permit me to have weddings delivered within ten days. It’d have been impossible within the days of film.

Photography Trends in Generating High Res Files

Bridal couples desire complete control of the photos from their wedding. Now, packages have to include all the photo rights to high res images. My clients are happy to see a few wedding images the following day that they may post on social media, as well as share with their family and friends.

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