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Are you looking for the best new trends to organize your engagement ceremony? Well look no further, you have found yourself the best people to guide you through it. The best engagement photographer Pittsburgh visits a lot of engagements in a month to know well about what’s been trending for the year 2018 for engagement ceremonies in Pittsburgh.

Whether you are into keeping your celebrations personal with a small group of close friends and family or throwing a crazy bash to celebrate this new chapter of your life with everyone you know, there may be plenty of ideas for both to choose from.

As photographers see plenty of events and celebrations, it all comes down to a few growing trends that have been the center of the Pittsburgh engagement photography.  Here are the most popular ones:

Rooftop Location

Perhaps, one of the most economical parties would be at the rooftop considering all you need to worry about now is good food, good music with the amazing Pittsburgh engagement photographer and perhaps the after party clean-up!

Engagement Brunch Party

This is by far the most creative in a fun way, who would have thought of a brunch engagement, let’s say some twenty-five, thirty years ago from now to hold engagement parties at that time of the day. Whether you have reserved the entire café for all your guests, a lavish restaurant with only your loved ones or keeping it indoors to enjoy the comfort of your house, brunch is still a great option. Brunch is a trend to be looking out for as it has this newness to the idea and have as many pictures for your engagement album as you want, along with your engagement photographer Pittsburgh to help you seize those memories.

Movie Themed Engagement

Just about so many options from so many of our favorite movies! The couple has millions of options to choose, like having a very filmy corner and a red carpet corner at the venue making everyone feel like a star for the night. From costumes and dance floors with the movie’s original tracks to the movie backdrops where you can pose in front of the camera for the Pittsburgh engagement photographer to capture your star moments.

Lavish Chocolate and Champagne

Enjoy a lavish night of glitz and glamour for both the chocoholic and oenophiles with chocolate in multiple flavorings and served in various styles and the pouring of the finest liquors. Allow yourselves and your guests this time to indulge and treat themselves in the luxurious pleasures!

Outdoors with BBQ

If outdoors is your thing, whether keeping the BBQ in the backyard or away from the city under the open starry night, then perhaps this should be your engagement party! But don’t forget to get in touch with your Pittsburgh engagement photographer to click you some fine outdoor shots.

Disney Themed

Who doesn’t want to be a Disney princess, please raise your hand? Not referring to the men obviously! No theme for a millennial who grew up watching Disney movies and falling in love with the Disney characters could ever be as exciting as having the pleasure of being dressed as their favorite princess. Be sure to ask your engagement photographer in Pittsburgh to give the best edits to make this the most memorable one for you. As for the men, the options are limitless. And if you were to see more information here, on the games that you can play or possibly build, then you’d have one grandeur party.

Outdoors – River-side Engagement

For another outdoor option, the outdoors perhaps is one of the best ideas. You can have both a fun filled day full of music, fun and games or a nice quiet romantic engagement party. There are plenty of green spaces to enjoy throughout the city, not to mention some gorgeous river-side views with Pittsburgh as a backdrop!

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