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You know what the ancient societies were most concerned with when entering a new beginning of any sort and especially that of a marriage? Warding off evil and mischievous spirits, so a new beginning between couples could be free of any hurdles or hardships. A typical Pittsburgh wedding too has quite a few traditions that have long been followed since the time of our ancestors and are still present as they come down to today’s’ wedding traditions. Attending all sorts of wedding, photographers in Pittsburgh know a great deal of such traditions and thus the Pittsburgh wedding photography experts have taken the responsibility in debunking a few traditions and the history behind them.

About Common Wedding Traditions 

Although a Pittsburgh wedding could perhaps be from any different culture and we may witness various different traditions as per the family’s origins, ancestral ties and more importantly sentimental attachments. But let’s focus on a typical wedding today that a wedding photographer in Pittsburgh comes across more often.

‘Giving her away’

This part here, famously referred as procession is where the bride and groom are supposed to walk down the church aisle, separately, making their way towards the altar and towards the waiting reverend who is to proceed with the ceremony. Only a great wedding photographer in Pittsburgh would know and understand the emotional impact of the moment and be able to capture the perfect pictures. The ‘giving away the bride’ among all would hold the most sentimental essence to it, but where did the concept of the father giving the daughter away emerge from?

Back in history, women were considered as property and the man in charge of her was responsible for her rights, her protection and needs. So a father transferring his rights of his daughter (property) onto her husband-to-be was represented by the ‘giving away’, a clear transfer of authority.

Bridesmaids and the Ruse

As beautiful and complete a photo shoot may seem at a Pittsburgh wedding, with all the pretty bridesmaids happily dressed alike, there’s, however, more to their presence at the bride’s side than you’d think. Even though nowadays bridesmaids and the maid of honor are more focused on throwing a bridal shower, providing emotional support to a bride or some other help and support in need. In the past, however, bridesmaids were used as deception in the endeavor of protecting the bride from any attempted kidnapping or dowry theft. Most importantly, as we mentioned the concerns about the spirits, in the beginning, it was to ward off or confuse any evil spirits that all the bridesmaids dressed alike. Bridesmaids in present day weddings serve as a rather traditional aspect and for some conventional photo shoots for the Pittsburgh wedding photography.

Isn’t it interesting where some of these traditions came from? If you’re planning your Pittsburgh wedding, let’s connect!

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