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Weddings — they’re such a personal and beautiful time in everyone’s life! But how you navigate the ceremony and planning depends on what type of ceremony you want to have. Depending on your conversations, there are many options to choose from — whether you want to do a traditional ceremony in a church or you prefer to keep things neutral by having a wedding at a country club or estate, the choice is completely yours. Not comfortable with religion or don’t subscribe to a particular thought? You can create your own personal style that encompasses everything you are as a couple. Here are some of the most common ceremony options if you need some help narrowing it down!

Traditional Weddings

Traditional weddings are very common, especially in the Pittsburgh area. With the variety of gorgeous cathedrals and churches, there is no end to the options no matter what faith you have — from gorgeous cathedrals, temples, mosques and churches encompassing many religious fundamentals in a variety of faiths, there’s an option for everyone and they all create a spectacular setting for your Pittsburgh wedding photos.

Non-denominational Ceremony

This is a great option if one of you aren’t religious or you don’t want a specific religion to be included in your wedding ceremony. If you still want some neutral religious undertones with a touch of the traditional wedding elements, this might be an option for you to consider.

Non-religious Ceremony

Not every wedding needs to take place in a church or have a person of faith leading the ceremony! Whether you want to use a family member or even have an ordained friend marry you, the options are endless when you don’t want religion to play a major (or any part!) role in your Pittsburgh wedding.

Interfaith and Intercultural Ceremonies

Interfaith weddings, as the name denotes, are the blending of two or more faiths by including some aspects or rituals from each religion that may be symbolic to their faith. As the population becomes more diverse, these types of wedding are very common and allow the bride and groom to celebrate using a variety of customs or traditions — so beautiful to photograph!

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