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Are you preparing for an upcoming wedding and need some ideas? We love a creative, thoughtful wedding here at our Pittsburgh wedding photography studio no matter who is getting married, and there are plenty of charming details to incorporate into weddings of any theme or size.

What to Wear?

If you’re a non-traditional couple, don’t feel like you have to go with the standard wedding look! Go with something that makes you feel comfortable and shows off a bit of your personality — there are plenty of wedding dress and suit designers that offer a variety of style options.

Ceremony Seating Signage

While explanatory signage for how guests ought to seat themselves at wedding ceremonies may be less necessary in our modern-day society, an announcement that there isn’t any “bride or groom” side is pretty popular — more and more, couples are opting to let guests mingle and get to know one another at the wedding. After all, everyone’s family now!

Attempt a No-Look First Look

If you would like to keep the mystery high by getting ready separately and then waiting to see each other until the wedding ceremony, that’s understandable and creates a romantic opportunity for a first look picture.  However, occasionally even just the physical touch of a soon-to-be-spouse may settle rattled nerves and relax both of you before the big moment.

Creative Cake Topper

A favorite outlet for creativity at weddings are cake toppers. It is a minor, yet greatly photographed detail from a wedding photography studio and one which makes for a fantastic infusion of personality. Choose a topper that really fits you two as a couple — whether it’s a couple in pop culture, symbols that mean a lot to the two of you or even something that fits an interest — you don’t have to go with the traditional toppers any longer. If you can’t find a topper that speaks to you, don’t stress — there are plenty of neutral options like breathtaking flowers, succulents and even crystals that you can utilize!

Guest Book

Create lasting memories that keep with you after the “I dos.” Request that all guests sign a picture frame, guestbook, or some additional personalized memento — you’ll love seeing this for years to come and it gives you a timeless piece from your special day.

When it comes to wedding planning, you never have to go with the status quo — this is your opportunity to shine so infuse your wedding day with your own touch and make it super special!

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