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Engagements are often considered to be the prelude to weddings – or even an abridged, less formal version of the big day.

However one thing I’ve learned as a result of working in Pittsburgh as an engagement photography professional is that while they may not quite be as frantic or require the same levels of adrenaline, there’s no doubt that showing up fully prepared is a great idea. Especially since they provide an excellent opportunity to  learn what to expect once the wedding comes around.

And that’s why I will be focusing on some of the most common mistakes professional photographers often make and the best ways to avoid them.

  • Underestimating the number of memory cards required: Imagine obtaining the contract of your dreams. The couple are adorable and easy to get along with and so far it’s all progressed wonderfully. And when you receive that ominous signal informing you that it’s time for another memory card, you actually think nothing of it. Until you dip your hand in the designated section of your bag and come up empty. A true nightmare for any professional photographer. And one which can certainly be avoided by erring on the side of caution by packing more memory cards than you feel you will need.
  • Trying to please all the guests: There’s always that one guest who might just try to override the desires of the celebrating couple and your professional opinion. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being considerate, it is worth recalling that as a professional, it is the couple’s preferences which must be prioritized. In my experience as an engagement photographer in Pittsburgh, I have found that a winning combination of assertion and tact never fail to work wonders under such circumstances and will have you back to focusing on what you do best in no time at all – taking great pictures and creating amazing memories all at the same time.
  • Showing up without adequate backup: Although engagement parties typically call for a less frantic pace of work than weddings, there are occasions when they might turn out into a full blown celebration with burgeoning guest numbers and loads of photo ops. Paying careful attention to the requests of the couple and ensuring their requirements are laid out carefully will ensure you are able to plan as needed for the occasion and bring along an assistant if necessary to help with all that extra work.


These few helpful tips have worked wonders in enabling me to sidestep common but avoidable pitfalls while building my business as an engagement photographer in Pittsburgh. And always showing up prepared has been instrumental in enabling me to experience the success I have enjoyed.

If you’re a bride getting ready for the big day, you don’t need to worry about anything — send me an email so we can talk about photographing your engagement!

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