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It’s one thing to plan the perfect engagement and wedding and thanks to effortlessly juggling the multiple balls it all entails, make everything come together perfectly like a harmonious melody. And it’s quite another to ensure that that beautiful process all ends on a perfect note by getting to celebrate the honeymoon of your dreams.

Below you will find five tips which I have learned from years spent working as a wedding photographer in Pittsburgh that will go a long way towards enabling you to put the perfect post wedding getaway together and start that all important first adventure as newlyweds.

  • Make it a joint effort: Your honeymoon is meant to be an awesome opportunity to bask in post wedding euphoria with your spouse. Just the two of you. But it’s no fun if just one person gets to thoroughly enjoy themselves.


And that is the scenario which is most likely to occur if only one person gets to do all the planning since they will naturally lean towards options which they find preferable.

To ensure that both of you get to have an amazing time, both of you will need to make your honeymoon plans together and equally provide input each step of the way.

  • Focus on your interests when choosing your destination: Selecting your favorite things and then choosing your destination based on them, is one of the most efficient means of planning a honeymoon which both you and your spouse will enjoy. For example, if you have always wanted to visit France but love vineyards and the rustic beauty and tranquility of the countryside, Alsace or Provence would be the perfect places to visit as opposed to the truly frantic albeit sleek Paris or the gourmand’s paradise, Lyon.
  • Plan a mini-getaway first of all: An increasing number of newlyweds are now admitting that taking to the skies for a nine hour flight albeit for a delightful adventure does seem a tad daunting. Especially considering the colossal effort and energy they’ve expended in ensuring their wedding day proceeds without the slightest hitch.One of the best ways around this is planning a smaller, cheaper getaway close by which is certain to eliminate the stress factor involved in a long distance flight, not to mention the resulting jet lag and the new climate that might require getting used to.


If you are planning a Pittsburgh wedding, for example, a perfect options would be planning a getaway in the Poconos mountains where you would be able to admire the beauty of the Paupack High Falls set in the midst of rocky escarpments.

The luxurious Hotel Hershey is also another great option for a post wedding celebration close to Pittsburgh.

The perfect honeymoon is only a series of well laid plans away. And it is my hope that these tried and tested pointers observed throughout the years I’ve spent running a Pittsburgh wedding photography business, will play a role in helping you experience that all important post wedding celebration!

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