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One of the most important souvenirs from your wedding, if not the most important of them all, is going to be your wedding portfolio.

After all, nothing beats taking a trip down memory lane and reliving those wonderful moments as you gaze at those perfect shots which capture every emotion, nuance of color and that enchanting ambiance that only weddings seem to possess.

The secret behind obtaining that perfect portfolio is a simple one which I learned when I first started working as a wedding photographer in Pittsburgh – hiring the right wedding photographer.

And below I have listed a few tips which will enable you to get the professional who will deliver those perfect wedding pictures you deserve.


  • Decide on your favorite style: Knowing exactly what you want from the outset will influence this entire undertaking and its outcome. Do you prefer sharp contrasts, classic photography or photo-journalistic styles?


Once you have decided on what style suits you the best for your Pittsburgh wedding, it’s time to go in search of the photographer who is capable of providing just what you need.

  • Check out their portfolio: Taking a look at a potential candidate’s portfolio of work will provide you with an idea of how closely they meet your requirements in terms of photography style and their ability to deliver as well. It is also the first important step in narrowing down the list of prospective photographers to those who are able to do so
  • Check out their reviews: Technical skill is one thing. The ability to hold up under all that pressure, take amazing shots and deliver a finished product which meets or even exceeds clients’ expectations is quite another.


The reviews on a wedding photographer’s website are often an excellent indicator of just how efficient they are and are always worth taking a look at.

  • Conduct an interview: This is an all important step in determining if the photographer’s personality is compatible with yours.


Do you prefer a quiet individual or someone who is ebullient and bubbly? Interviewing prospective photographers is also an excellent opportunity to work out rights to the photos, pricing, as well as the schedule for the final delivery.

Throughout my years of working as a wedding photographer in Pittsburgh, I have been able to recommend these steps to individuals and see them come away satisfied. And there’s no doubt that you too will be able to find that talented individual who will deliver those golden memories just the way you want them once you’ve gone through them all!


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