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One question which I have often received from clients in Pittsburgh planning their weddings, is on the issue of engagement photo shoots and how best to prepare for them. And so for today, I have prepared a series of helpful pointers which will go a long way in enabling you achieve lovely photos which will serve as excellent memoirs of those amazing moments leading up to your wedding.


  • Avoid harsh colors: The problem with them is that they tend to leap out at the viewer from the picture and create a discordant effect. Soft pastels and muted colors are best since they are more harmonious.


  • Take advantage of the seasons: Very few backdrops are capable of matching the enchanting beauty which only Mother Nature can provide. Hence it’s hardly surprising that some of the very best photos are taken outdoors. Perfect choices for a Pittsburgh engagement photography session include a meadow splashed with the colors of spring or summer, or an orchard filled with the russet, red and gold of autumn.


  • Select timeless pieces: Adopting current clothing trends can be particularly tempting. However when working with Pittsburgh clients on engagement photography projects, I tend to encourage timeless clothing items. That is because nothing beats looking at those photos a few years down the line and seeing that your clothing choices have stood the test of time.


  • Obtain inspiration from those who have done it before: Wedding blogs and social media, particularly Instagram are some of the best sources for amazing engagement photography. Browsing through these photos is one of the very best means of coming up with great ideas for your engagement photo shoot.


  • Ensure your outfit is comfortable: It is important for your engagement photos to capture the magic of the moment. However if you feel uncomfortable in your outfit, that discomfort will often come across in the photograph.


Besides your engagement photography session is one of the most important steps during those magical moments leading up to your wedding. As a result, it is important for you to get to enjoy it thoroughly and have great memories of the experience. And selecting comfortable clothing will contribute significantly to enabling you to have a great time during the session.

Planning for your engagement photo shoot need not be stressful at all and can be fun as well. And thanks to these pointers, you too will be able to obtain the engagement photos dreams are made of.

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