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One of the very best ways of adding a magic sparkle to your wedding is by ensuring the proceedings incorporate that special touch which is unique to you and your spouse to be.

And doing so can be pretty easy thanks to the numerous opportunities which will present themselves as you prepare for the most important day of your lives.

If you have always wondered how best to spot and take advantage of them, you’ll love this post which has been written with you in mind. In it I shall be covering a few helpful, simple tips which will add their very own special sparkle to your Pittsburgh wedding below.


  1. Add a little dose of spontaneity: Being spontaneous is always a great way of adding your own personal touch to your wedding. Examples include playing a song which means so much to both of you for your wedding march or decorating columns with ferns and vines rather than the usual flowers to create an ambience reminiscent of an enchanted forest.


  1. Get acquainted with your officiating minister: Getting to know the minister who will be presiding over proceedings at your Pittsburgh wedding is a great means of ensuring they come fully equipped to enliven the ceremony with anecdotes and fun references which you have both shared with them.


  1. Entrust the proceedings to a close friend or relative: Having a close friend or relative officiate the ceremony is also a great idea for adding a personal touch to your wedding. Especially since they will be able to provide some of the best anecdotes and shared memories which will only add to the magic of the moment.


  1. Compose your own vows: Gone are the days when everyone was expected to adhere to traditional vows. Now you do have the choice of penning more personal vows and of making your very own promises to each other.


  1. Holding the ceremony at dusk: Although most weddings often take place in the daytime and especially the morning, there is no reason why you should not be able to hold your special ceremony at any time of the day. You could host a lovely evening wedding outdoors, for example, with softly glowing fairy lights wrapped around the trees, and colorful lamps to create a simply magical ambiance.


Adding your own touch to your wedding in Pittsburgh will only serve to make it an especially memorable occasion and not just for you, but for your friends and family too.

And like all the best things, it can actually be done with a minimum of fuss – as shown by the simple tips from the treasure trove of your friendly wedding photography expert. Happy planning!

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