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Shooting your engagement photos often requires considerably less preparation than your pictures for the big day. However these photos remain a very important part of your journey together and are invaluable as a means of narrating a special chapter in the tale of your shared adventure together. And that’s why ensuring they turn out to be especially memorable is always a great idea.

Below I will be taking a look at a few helpful pointers brought to you from my veritable treasure trove of tips gained over the years of working as an engagement photographer in Pittsburgh.

They are pretty simple but effective and will add an amazing difference to your engagement photographs ensuring they remain especially memorable.


  1. Special poses: This is one of the very best means of telling a non-verbal story about your relationship with each other and your favorite jokes and fun moments shared by just the two of you while also translating that special tale to your photos.


  1. Favorite locations: Where was the first place you met? Your favorite spots in the city or even the place where you had your first date? Taking photos in venues which have a special meaning to both of you will keep those awesome moments fresh each time you take out your engagement photos for a delightful trip down memory lane.


  1. Putting your environment to good use: No matter where you happen to be, you would be surprised to find that there are always great options for your engagement photo backdrops. These include your favorite rooftop restaurant or bar, that quaint old stone chapel set in a rose garden just down the street or a stately art gallery or museum in the city center.


  1. Making the most of mother nature: In my experience of working as a wedding photography professional, I have found there is something simply magical about pictures taken of couples against the backdrop of the city at sunset, or as they sit on the shore of a tranquil lake on a warm summer’s day, stroll in a meadow filled with the reds, golds and russets of autumn or strike a pose in a winter wonderland. No matter what season it is, there are always countless opportunities to add a touch of natural splendor to your engagement photos.


Special poses, your very favorite spots, seeking out your town’s or city’s best kept secrets or landmarks and taking full advantage of the natural beauty all around you. These are just a few effective ways of making those engagement photos extra special.

What’s more, they are pretty easy to implement, and will lift your spirits during and after the shoot in the way that all enchanting environments are capable of doing. And best of all, some of them can also be used during your wedding photography session as well!

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