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Fall is one of the most enchanting seasons of the year. There is that delightful crisp feeling that fills the air and puts a spring in your step, not to mention the fascinating palette which brings nature alive in bold splashes of russet, gold and orange. No wonder there’s something so special about fall weddings. Especially when they embrace the season and all the delight it brings. And what better way is there to do just that than incorporating one of its most popular symbols – the pumpkin –  into the decor?

Below, I will be sharing a few tips gained from my adventures as a Pittsburgh wedding photographer on how to bestow the very essence of fall on that most special of days using this much loved seasonal mascot.


  1. Stationery: Nothing sets the mood and anticipation for your guests than those invites you send out before the big day. And once it arrives providing them with a touch of continuity by featuring the same theme is always highly recommended. Using pumpkin motifs in either stylized or realistic formats will not only set the tone for your Pittsburgh wedding but also incorporate a hint of autumn magic too.


  1. Candles and decorations: No matter what time of the day it is you are never going to run out of opportunities to enliven your surroundings with fall’s most loved emblem.


Tiny pumpkin candles can be used to accentuate natural lighting during a Pittsburgh wedding ceremony held early in the morning while small pumpkin shaped decorations and vines may be used to adorn the interior and exterior of marquees for an outdoor, noonday ceremony.  For a nighttime celebration, pumpkin shaped lamps can be used to illuminate the venue while vases with a similar shape may be filled with ferns and wildflowers to create an enchanting ambiance.


  1. Souvenirs & Accessories: They’re an understated part of weddings and often tend to get overlooked as we focus on the bigger picture. Yet the subtle influence of accessories is simply undeniable. From serviettes to place cards, you will find ample opportunity to incorporate pumpkin themes.


Souvenirs are also a great option for ensuring your guests get to take the essence of your celebration with them.  And small gifts such as key holders, pens or notepads with pumpkin motifs will not only look especially charming but enable your guests to keep a part of that warm festive glow with them.

From decorations, to stationery to accessories, there is never a shortage of  opportunities to make your wedding in Pittsburgh come alive with one of the most lovable and heartwarming celebratory themes.

It is my hope that this brief post will inspire you to infuse all the color, exhilaration and joy into each aspect of your special day, along with other gorgeous decor!


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