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It’s one of the most frequent questions which I have often been asked during networking sessions with other professionals in the wedding business as well as potential clients, and during casual conversations as well. “Why do I need to hire a wedding photography professional?”

And while planning your Pittsburgh wedding, chances are you’ve probably been questioned about the wisdom of hiring one as well. Just in case you happen to be pondering on whether you need to take the plunge or simply get rid of the idea all together, I have compiled a few pointers on the ways in which hiring the right professional can make all the difference.


  1. A quality photo album: Your wedding photos are essentially your memories for the most enchanting day of your life. And few pleasures are as enjoyable as taking a trip down memory lane with vivid images which capture the excitement, joy and celebration of each moment. And that’s what professional wedding photographers do – capture each magical moment forever like no one else can.


  1. More control over proceedings: During your wedding, you will already have your hands full with making sure that nothing is less than perfect. Knowing that an essential part of the proceedings is in the hands of a professional who will ensure it all runs as smoothly as clockwork will bring a certain sense of calmness and serenity which will enable you to focus on other less demanding issues and on having a great time with your spouse and guests.


  1. Networking opportunities: Your big day’s growing closer and you’ve found the caterer of your dreams but still haven’t been able to find a make-up artist equal to the task. Panic begins to set in and you confide in your trusty Pittsburgh wedding photographer who informs you that they might just know a professional who is just what you need. And eureka! That pesky problem vanishes in a puff of smoke as though banished by a fairy godmother with a magic wand. And that’s one of the very best reasons for hiring a wedding photography Because in a sector which as close knit as the wedding industry, everyone often knows everyone else which can only mean good things for your wedding plans as they unfold.


More control over proceedings, an amazing wedding album not to mention great suggestions for other professionals who will add their own special touch to your wedding day. And these are just a few benefits which make hiring a wedding photographer a great idea.  That’s because they bring so much more to the table and will only make your special day that much more unforgettable. In closing, I would love to wish you a wonderful experience as you prepare for that all important day and hope that all your dreams for it come true!

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