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Last week we took a look at helpful tips for selecting the right Pittsburgh wedding photographer for your wedding. One of the points mentioned interviewing shortlisted candidates before making a choice on who to entrust with capturing those awesome moments just the way you want them to be. And today, we will be taking a closer look at the interviewing process and questions which will help you decide if the candidate is equal to the task or not.


  1. Their photography style: This is the most important and primary question which needs to be gotten out of the way first. Its importance can be seen in the fact that it was actually one of the criteria which was recommended for your initial search (in the previous post).


During that first step it is essential for helping you decide what potential Pittsburgh wedding photographers to place on your short list of potential candidates to be interviewed. However, viewing their style on their website is one thing, and discussing it with them in person is quite another as you will have the opportunity to actually go through the entire range of styles you are interested in as well.


  1. Possible projects they may have lined up for that date: It is important to know if the photographer has any other engagements fixed for that date. It is often best to ensure that you are guaranteed to have them to yourself particularly if the wedding ceremony and reception are going to run for several hours.


  1. Their experience: While working as a wedding photographer in Pittsburgh, I have found that most couples feel going with a more experienced individual is preferable. However it is always a great idea to opt for a new photographer who ticks all the right boxes and also has great reviews and references.


  1. Available packages on offer: It is important to know whether the package provided by your potential candidate will cover an additional photographer’s assistant, travel costs and even the rights to your images as well as any additional retouches required.


The above list is by no means exhaustive. However, I have drawn up the most important issues which need to be discussed with each potential candidate in order to ensure you make the very best choice for your special day. Hopefully you will find it handy in planning your dream Pittsburgh wedding!

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