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One of the questions which I have often been asked by friends and clients alike, is the most efficient means of selecting wedding vendors.

The frequency with which I continue to receive requests for tips in this regard is hardly surprising. After all, most couples will admit that while selecting the date, budget and venue are relatively straightforward tasks, choosing wedding vendors can be a tad more daunting.

However, thanks to my insight gained as an insider in the Pittsburgh wedding industry, I have garnered a number of foolproof tips which will enable you to book the wedding vendors you require to make your special day absolutely unforgettable.


  • Determine set roles and budgets: This is the first all important step to ensuring your plans in this arena proceed without a hitch. Do you intend to have a chef cater for the day or also prefer to hire waiting staff as well? Will they be part of the same package? Enumerating specific roles and allocating a set budget for each will enable you to efficiently streamline the planning process, and set the tone for everything else to fall effortlessly into place.


  • Search close to home: In my experience as a wedding photography professional in Pittsburgh, I have found that one of the most efficient means of implementing this step is word of mouth. Those entrees you particularly enjoyed at your best friend’s wedding, the spectacular floral arrangements, the themed decor which turned the venue into a fairy tale grotto, will no doubt make you want to hire the services of such talented professionals to add a touch of their magic to your own special day. And all you have to do is ask the couples who have been fortunate enough to make their acquaintance – or even strike up a conversation with those very wedding professionals – to ensure that you too enjoy the same good fortune.


  • Investigate other sources: Most wedding professionals have their very own websites which detail their services as well as testimonials from clients pretty much in the same way that I operate my own Pittsburgh wedding photography Very often taking the time to explore these web pages will often be enough to let you know if they are what you want and need. The websites of popular lifestyle and wedding magazines are also an excellent source for unearthing information on wedding professionals.


  • Shortlist your potential candidates: Once you have drawn up a potential list of candidates, it’s time to whittle down the number to the select few who you intend to interview in person. The all important question is just how many should you narrow it down to? The recommended number is often three. And even though you might feel an overwhelming temptation to go for more, the fact is that you will be pleasantly surprised to find that a thorough search beforehand will mean that this recommendation is actually rather efficient. And best of all, you will get to manage your time as effectively as possible.


  • Hold interviews in person: How likely is it that you and your selected candidate are going to get along? There is only one way to tell. By getting to chat with them in person. You will also need to find out if they are able to commit to you during the required period for your Pittsburgh wedding, if their fees fall within your specified budget, and if you are on the same page in terms of results. Their personality is quite important as well since you will be seeing quite a lot of them in the days and weeks to come.


  • Read the fine print: The final step which marks the end of your search and the beginning of your business relationship is the signing of the contract. But before you put pen to paper, you will need to go over each clause with a fine toothed comb and iron out any ambiguities. Certain parties even recommend the services of an attorney to go over the contract with you and your selected candidate.


As can be seen, searching for your wedding vendor of choice does require a bit of work. But the great news is that it doesn’t have to be daunting as shown by these simple, yet effective tips mentioned above. And now all you have to do is commence your search for the professionals who will make all your wedding dreams come true.

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