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They are an essential element for every wedding preparation and arguably the foundation of each plan involved. Few weddings, if any at all are ever successful without them. The key ingredient to such success, is none other than your wedding timeline. The one aspect which will ensure you remain on top of things no matter how frantic they seem to get, and of course, emerge at the end of it all with amazing memories which will last a lifetime.

My experience of working in the wedding photography business means that I have had the opportunity to assist couples in planning their own time lines on several occasions – both in a personal and a professional capacity. And today, I will be focusing on a general overview of the perfect time line over for getting things started proceeding right up to the big day.


  1. 12 months to go: ‘The earlier the better’, the old saying goes and it certainly applies to planning for the most important day of your lives. After all the best laid plans always involve meticulous planning with plenty of time to spare. Excellent points which need to be addressed at this early stage include:


  • Your wedding date.
  • The venue
  • The theme
  • Your guest list


  1. 6 months to the special day: This is the point where your plans begin to take form and it’s time to implement quite a few more of them. Key aspects which need to be ironed out thoroughly at this stage include:


  • Assembling your team of wedding professionals
  • Accommodation for guests
  • Scheduling your Pittsburgh engagement photography shoot
  • Ensuring you obtain your outfits for the big day
  • Informing the lucky few who will get to be your bridesmaids and the best man


  1. 3 months more of intense planning: By now, it probably feels as though you have been working on this exhilarating and demanding project forever. It has been fun at times, and downright stressful at others. But hang in there because those plans will continue to come together beautifully. During this period I recommend covering the following points:


  • Your menu
  • Hairdressing and makeup
  • Invitations and thank you notes


  1. 1 month to the most important day of your lives: By now you have experienced your amazing engagement photo shoot and just about every other minute detail for your Pittsburgh wedding – including photography, has been put in place. Now it’s time to go over the following:


  • Transportation plans
  • Planned speeches for the day
  • Seating arrangements
  • Your outfits for the day


The above pointers show that planning a wedding is no easy task but getting those plans underway as early as possible means that you will be able to enjoy the wedding of your dreams with the likelihood of any troublesome hitches minimized.

All you have to do is take the plunge and start planning right away!

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