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There is something simply irresistible about that one season of the year when Mother Nature decorates the entire landscape in a pristine white, one snowflake at a time. And it’s hardly any surprise that more and more couples are opting to incorporate the season’s very own special allure as part of their engagement celebrations.

If you intend to join that joyous number, I have just the tips for you to ensure you end up with magical photos which will make each trip down memory lane, a thrilling adventure. Each helpful pointer contained here has been gleaned from my years of being part of the Pittsburgh wedding and engagement photography scene.

I invite you to continue reading this very special post which has been written with you in mind.


  • Make the most of those winter accessories: Bundling up with mitts, scarves and hats against a snowy backdrop never fails to lend photos an endlessly charming and playful quality, so don’t hold back in this regard. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, there is also the practical side of things. Your photo shoot won’t be much fun if the chill gets to you and the resulting discomfort will certainly translate to your photos too.


  • Pay close attention to your weather forecasts: A winter wonderland is the ideal setting for bagging those thoroughly unforgettable engagement photos. And that means paying close attention to weather forecasts. Because the very last thing you want is for Mother Nature to unleash a snowstorm while you are shooting – or for you and your spouse-to-be to actually step out and find the much anticipated thick blanket of frost replaced by puddles and a mood dampening drizzle.


  • Don’t forget the refreshment: You’re out in the snow, dressed in lovely comfy outfits with your spouse-to-be and having the time of your lives. What else could you possibly need to make that Pittsburgh engagement photography session even more magical? Refreshment. That’s right. Be sure to bring along some hot cocoa, coffee and tempting muffins too. After all, you will need to keep those energy levels up and best of all, the inner glow from such delights will certainly shine through in those photos.


Comfy winter accessories, accurate weather forecasts and of course your favorite beverages and snacks. All these seemingly inconsequential details hold the key to ensuring your winter engagement photography session turns out to be simply enchanting and unforgettable. And thanks to my experience in coordinating a huge number of shoots of this kind, I too can attest to their efficacy. Here’s to wishing you an amazing winter engagement photo shoot and even more magical photos at the end of it all.


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